Girl Sitting on Beach

Beach Party

If you live near a nice beach, have a fun party there. If not, you can still have a “Beach” party at a nearby park that has a large sand play area or even in your own yard. Just fill a few kiddie pools with sand, break out the sand toys, beach towels, and lawn chairs and create your own beach. Have an indoor beach party on a rainy or snowy day. Skip the sand, but turn up the heat, turn on the bright lights, play some beach music, and serve summer treats.

Beach Party Invitations
Make invitations in the shape of a sand dollar, starfish of flip flop sandal or write invitation on a beach photo post card. If hand delivering invitations, roll paper invitations to fit into a bottle and add some sand and tiny shells for a message in a bottle effect. Remind guests to wear sunscreen, bug repellent, and to wear or bring swim suits, towels, and sunglasses.

Beach Party Decorations
Decorate with beach umbrellas, colorful beach towels, lawn chairs and beach balls. Play tropical music. For an indoor beach party add beach travel posters or large fish and sun cutouts.

Beach Party Games & Activities
Play volleyball, frisbee and limbo. Have a treasure hunt of scavenger hunt. Fly kites. Provide buckets and shovels for sand play.

Beach Party Arts & Crafts
Have a sand castle building contest. Make seashell collages or sand painting (paint glue on paper and then sprinkle with colored sand).

Beach Party Refreshments
Serve submarine sandwiches, potato salad, fruit salad and chips. Make a pail of sand cake. Serve popsicles or ice-cream sandwiches or visit a nearby ice cream stand.

Beach Party Favors
Give guests items they can play with at the beach and then take home as favors, such as sand toys, sunglasses or sun visor, beach balls, bubbles and kites.

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