About Kids Party Fun

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Hi! I’m Jamie Jarvis and I developed Kids’ Party Fun web site to help you plan fun and easy parties for your children. I hope you find this site to be both informative and inspiring! Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to me at Kids Party Fun. Have FUN and enjoy planning parties with your children!

Visitor Comments

After a sleepless night thinking about all the things I had to do to get ready for my 5 year olds first at-home party I found your website and now feel much better about the upcoming event and am even looking forward to it! It was incredibly thorough and I got some great ideas. It’s fabulous that you have taken the time to help us less-experienced party planners. ~ Rebecca

A quick thanks for all of your great ideas. I have used your site at least 4 times over the last several years for my boys’ parties, which have ranged from basketball to knights to ball hockey themes. There is so much fun that you can have, and your hints and ideas sure make it easy! Sites like this make you **really** appreciate the web! ~ Sandy