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Slumber Party

Sleepover Party Supplies
Slumber Party
Slumber Parties become cherished childhood memories. It's such a treat to have friends spend the night. Make a slumber party extra special by having your child select a fun theme, such as outerspace, movie night, or spa makeover. Clear a room for guests to spread out their sleeping bags, or if your child is adventurous and the weather pleasant, have the children sleep in tents in your yard.

Slumber Party Invitations

Sleepover Party Invitation
Slumber Party
Buy personalized slumber party invitations or designinvitations like a night sky (moon & stars) and include a photo of your child in cute pjs. Ask guests to bring a sleeping bag, pjs, and tooth brush. More Invitation ideas and tips!

Slumber Party Decorations

Decorate with personalized party banners, colorful balloons and streamers, and silver paper or glow-in-the-dark plastic stars hung from ceiling. More Decoration ideas and tips!

Slumber Party Games & Activities

Show videos. Play board games, Pictionary or charades, Twister and 20 questions. Put together puzzles and tell jokes and riddles. More Games & Activities ideas!

Slumber Party Arts & Crafts

Make a favorite things collage (children cut photos from magazines). Decorate book marks or picture frames. Set out beads and cord for jewelry making. Decorate pillowcases or big t-shirts (night shirts) with fabric paint. More Arts & Crafts ideas!

Slumber Party Refreshments

Order Chinese takeout or pizza. Make jiffy pop popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and a sleepover cake. Serve sparkling apple cider or gingerale. Make pancakes or a donut cake (stack colorful donuts on a platter) for breakfast. More Fun Food ideas!

Slumber Party Favors

Send guests home with activity books, mystery novels, diaries or journals. Or fill favor bags with blowing bubbles, mini flashlights and a travel toothbrush. More Party Favor ideas!

Special Resources

Visit the Kids' Party Fun Directory for party places, entertainment, and rentals in your area. Similar parties include Spa Party, New Year's Eve and Camp Out. More Party Themes!