boy pretending to be a pirate

Pirate Party

A Pirate Party is a roaring good time for just about any child. Have a Pirate Party at home, nearby park, or local beach.

Party Invitations
Design invitations like a treasure map with X marks the spot of the party or in the shape of a treasure chest. If delivering the invitations, instead of mailing, enclose plastic coins and a few rhinestone “jewels” or roll invitation and place inside a bottle with a some sand and seashells.

Party Decorations
Decorate with a treasure map, a treasure chest (decorated box), and red and black balloons.

Games & Activities
Read a pirate story to set the stage for a treasure hunt. Play coin toss (gold coins in treasure chest), tug of war, and walk the plank. Have a treasure chest or pirate ship pinata.

Arts & Crafts
Set out sparkly beads and cords for jewelry making. Decorate cardboard boxes like treasure chests. Make pirate flags out of paper or fabric.

Party Refreshments
Serve pizza, goldfish crackers and fruit kabobs. Decorate cake or cupcakes decorated with edible “treasure” (chocolate gold coins, jewel colored candies) or make a treasure chest cake.

Party Favors
Send guests home with favor bags of costume jewelry, coins (real, plastic or chocolate), stickers and tattoos.

Pirate Party 160 x 600