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Movie Party

A trip to the local movie theater is fun for all children. Keep an eye out for children's movies playing at local theaters or better yet a drive-in theater. Stop for pizza or icecream after the movie for a fun and easy party. Or invite your children's friends over for an evening of movie watching, games, and refreshments.

Party Invitations

Movie Birthday Party Invitation
Movie Party

Buy personalized movie invitation or design invitations like a movie ticket, now showing movie marquee, walk of fame star with your child's name or Hollywood sign. More Invitation ideas and tips!

Party Decorations

Decorate with movie posters, photos of favorite movie stars from entertainment magazines, a Hollywood sign, director's chair and walk of fame stars. More Decoration ideas and tips!

Games & Activities

Watch movies. Play 20 questions or movie trivia, movie charades and pin the sunglasses on the movie star. More Games & Activities ideas!

Arts & Crafts

Have each guest make a personal Walk of Fame star. Decorate photo frames or make a movie star collage. More Arts & Crafts ideas!

Party Refreshments

Serve pizza or nachos, popcorn, candy and ice cream cake. More Fun Food ideas!

Party Favors

Send guests home with a movie ticket or movie rental coupon, a mini flashlights, silly putty, black sunglasses, or a disposable camera. More Party Favor ideas!

Special Resources

Check out Mr. Showbiz movie reviews for inspiration. Visit the Kids' Party Fun Directory for party places, entertainment, and rentals in your area. Similar parties include Game Night, Slumber Party and Theatre. More Party Themes!