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Jungle Party Supplies
Safari Party

Jungle Safari Party

Have wild fun with a Jungle Safari Party at home or nearby park. Or visit a local zoo for a look at the real thing.

Jungle Safari Party Invitations

jungle party invitation
Safari Party
Buy personalized animal jungle invitations or make invitations with a a drawing or photo of favorite jungle animal (monkey, zebra, tiger giraffe) or a safari vehicle (Jeep). More Invitation ideas and tips!

Jungle Safari Party Decorations

Decorate with a personalized safari banner, green, yellow & orange balloons, green streamers and real ivy, vines, palm fronds and other available greenery. Display plastic or stuffed junglezebra pinata
Zebra Pinata
animal toys. More Decoration ideas and tips!

Jungle Games & Activities

Play barrel of monkeys game or pin the tail on the zebra. Have a jungle safari (find pictures of jungle animals or toy animals). Show Jungle Book or Tarzan movies. More Games & Activities ideas!

Jungle Safari Arts & Craft

Make animal masks. Design tribal necklaces with cord and wooden beads. Paint a jungle scene mural. Make jungle animals out of modeling clay or pipe cleaners. More Arts & Crafts ideas!

Jungle Safari Party Refreshments

Serve peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, trail mix (nuts, raisins, m&ms) or critter crunch, and fruit kabobs or fruit salad. Decorate cupcakes with colored sugar and animal crackers or make a tiger cake. More Fun Food ideas!

Jungle Safari Party Favors

pith helmet
Pith Helmet
Send guest home with toy binoculars or a disposable camera. Or fill favor bags with small plastic or stuffed jungle animals, finger puppets, stickers and fruit leathers. More Party Favor ideas!

Special Resources

Check out Jungle puzzle and Zoobooks Magazine for inspiration. Visit the Kids' Party Fun Directory for party places, entertainment, and rentals in your area. Similar parties include Zoo, Nature and Favorite Animal. More Party Themes!