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New Year's Party

Have a New Year's Eve sleepover to entertain your children and give some other parents the chance to go out (they'll owe you!).

Party Invitations

Design invitations in the shape of a party horn or hour glass. Incorporate an image of baby New Year. Enclose confetti. Ask guests to bring sleeping bag, tooth brush, etc. More Invitation ideas and tips!

Party Decorations

Decorate with a Happy New Year banner, streamers and balloons. More Decoration ideas and tips!

Games & Activities

Make resolutions. Play puzzles, board games and word games (most words out of letters in Happy New Year). Make and bury a time capsule. Watch movies and a midnight TV celebration. More Games & Activities ideas!

Arts & Crafts

Make noisemakers (beans, rice, beads in plastic drink bottles) and paper party hats. Design a collage of favorite things (use pictures from magazines). Bake and decorate cookies. More Arts & Crafts ideas!

Party Refreshments

Serve take-out Chinese food or pizza, popcorn, chocolate fondue and sparkling cider or ginger ale in plastic champagne glasses. Make a New Year's cake. Serve breakfast parfaits (granola, fruit and yogurt layered in glass or bowl) in the morning. More Fun Food ideas!

Party Favors

Give guests party horns, poppers, snap & pops and sparklers to celebrate the New Year. Send guests home with a diary, journal or calendar. More Party Favor ideas!

Special Resources

Check out New Year's Party Supplies and New Years crafts for inspiration. Visit the Kids' Party Fun Directory for party places, entertainment, and rentals in your area. Similar parties include Chinese New Year and Slumber Party. More for more Party Themes!