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Chinese New Year Party

January 31, 2014 is the first day of year 4712 on the Chinese lunar calendar and marks the beginning of the year of the Horse.

Party Invitations

Write invitation on home-made paper lantern (use red construction paper) or design in shape of Chinese dragon or animal of the year. Decorate with photos or pictures from a China travel brochure, magazine or web site. Write "Gung Hay Fat Choy!" (Happy New Year). More Invitation ideas and tips!

Party Decorations

Decorate with Chinese lanterns (bought or made), China travel posters and Chinese zodiac pictures or drawings. More Decoration ideas and tips!

Games & Activities

Learn the Chinese zodiac, read Chinese children's books, and have a Chinese dragon parade and set off snap & pops or party poppers (safe fireworks) to ward off evil spirits. More Games & Activities ideas!

Arts & Crafts

Make paper Chinese lanterns and good luck signs (small paper signs with words, such as health, peace, happiness, prosperity). Decorate zodiac animal masks and modeling clay dragons. Make a giant Chinese dragon out of boxes, paper or cloth. More Arts & Crafts ideas!

Party Refreshments

Serve Chinese take-out food, fortune cookies, mandarin orange slices over ice-cream and caffeine-free tea. Make a Chinese checkers cake. More Fun Food ideas!

Party Favors

Send guests home with chopsticks, a red envelope with money inside (a Chinese tradition) or a small plastic or stuffed animal of the year. More Party Favor ideas!

Special Resources

Check out Chinese Zodiac information and Chinese New Year greeting cards for inspiration. Visit the Kids' Party Fun Directory for party places, entertainment, and rentals in your area. Similar parties include New Year's Eve. More Party Themes!