Little girl talking to her teddy bear

Teddy Bear Party

A Teddy Bear Party is a sweet celebration for younger children. Have guests bring their favorite bear friends!

Party Invitations
Make invitations in shape of teddy bear. Include a photo of your child and his/her favorite bear. Ask guests to bring their favorite teddy bear.

Party Decorations
Decorate with colorful balloons & streamers and display stuffed toy bears.

Games & Activities
Read a story about the history of Teddy Bears (they really were named after President Theodore Roosevelt) Play hot bear (like hot potato, but with stuffed bear) and musical chairs (decorate special chair with stuffed bears or paper bear cut outs).

Arts & Crafts
Make bear masks or offer bear face painting (brown cheeks, pink nose). Make paper bear chains (like paper doll chain, but in shape of bears) or bears out of pompom balls and wiggle eye.

Party Refreshments
Serve peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apple slices, pretzels and gummy bear candy. Decorate cupcakes with gummy bear candy or bear shaped cookies and a paper cocktail umbrellas.

Party Favors
Send guests home with a small stuffed toy bear or fill favor bags with blowing bubbles, crayons, stickers, and gummy bear candy.