boy skateboarding in a skateboard park

Skateboard Party

If your child is into skateboarding, host a party at a local skateboard park, a local park that allows skateboarding (or at least doesn’t prohibit it!) or build a mini park in your driveway.

Party Invitations
Buy personalized skateboard invitations or make invitations in the shape of skateboard. Include a photo of skateboarder doing tricks. Ask guests to bring their skateboards, pads, and helmets.

Party Decorations
Decorate with colorful balloons, posters of famous skateboarders and skateboards.

Games & Activities
Play skateboard tag, relay races and obstacle courses.

Arts & Crafts
Design graphics for skateboard bottom (provide white paper cutout in shape of skateboard and paints and markers). Paint or tie dye white t-shirts.

Party Refreshments
Serve pizza or sandwiches, chips, seedless grapes and juice or soda. Decorate a cake with mini skateboards.

Party Favors
Send guests home with mini (finger) skateboards, temporary tattoos, skateboard decals, or skateboard posters.