2 year old girl blowing out birthday candle

Second Birthday Party

A second birthday party is even more fun than the first. Your child will understand it’s his special day and will enjoy interacting with friends and family.

If family live nearby, invite them for a family celebration. If your child regularly plays with other children, you may wish to include them and their parents in your family celebration or invite them to a small, separate party.

2nd Birthday themes can focus on the #2 or characters that are popular with young children, such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh. A favorite toy, such as a doll, stuffed animal, or truck, may also suggest a fun party theme.

The best locations for 2nd Birthday parties are places your child is familiar and comfortable with, such as your home, a friend’s or relative’s home, or a playground your child frequently visits. Keep the party short (1-2 hours) and plan for a time of day when your child is usually at his best. Morning parties work well for many young children.

Party Invitations
Tiny Prints sells super cute 2nd Birthday invitations that can be personalized with your child’s photo and party info. Or make your own invitations with a photo of your child and the caption “Look who’s turning 2!”. Another fun idea is to cut a large number 2 from brightly colored heavy-weight paper. Write your child’s name on the front of the number and the party details (date, time and location) on the back of the number.

2nd Birthday Party Decorations
Cut large number twos from brightly colored paper and hang around the party location. Display favorite photos of the birthday child from infant to current age along with stuffed animals and other cute toys. Make a “Happy 2nd Birthday!” banner or poster for guests to sign and add their best wishes or purchase a personalized birthday banner. Buy colorful helium balloons as decorations and then send a balloon home with each child.

2nd Birthday Party Games & Activities
You may not be able to get very young children to participate in organized games, but try a ball roll where children sit in circle with their legs apart and roll a large ball to each other. Read or tell your child’s favorite story. Decorate a wagon with streamers and balloons and pull children for wagon rides. Set-up a free play area with blocks, stacking toys, and pull toys. Decorate several large cardboard boxes and allow children to climb in and through boxes. Buy a pull-string pinata, so even very young children can play.

2nd Birthday Party Arts & Crafts
Have children finger paint or if you’d like less mess, buy paint books that have ink printed on the page that children “paint” with water soaked brushes. Set-up a table with play dough and cookie cutters for children to make colorful shapes.

2nd Birthday Party Refreshments
Serve animal crackers or other small cookies, bite size peanut butter & jelly or cream cheese sandwiches, applesauce, cupcakes (less messy than cake) and ice-cream cones. Provide additional food for the adults, such as cheese and crackers, cut fruit, raw vegetables with dip, pretzels or chips and salsa.

2nd Birthday Party Favors
Purchase beach balls, blowing bubbles, finger puppets, or picture books to give as party favors. Avoid small items that could present a choking hazard, as well as favors that are too messy or frustrating for young children.