boy at rock climbing gym

Rock Climbing Party

A fun, active, and easy party if you have an indoor climbing gym in your city. Most climbing gyms instruct and supervise party groups and may even have a room where you can set-up refreshments.

Party Invitations
Design invitations with a drawing of large mountain or photo from brochure or web site of climbing gym. Most gyms require parent waivers so include those with the invitations. If delivering invitation, instead of mailing, wrap invitation around a rock and tie with a cord.

Party Decorations
Decorate with ropes, rock and colorful balloons.

Games & Activities
Offer instruction on climbing techniques and free play on climbing walls. Have climbing wall races.

Arts & Crafts
Decorate pet rocks (wiggle eyes, yarn hair, etc.) or make funny figures out of modeling clay.

Party Refreshments
Serve sandwiches or pizza, string cheese, seedless grapes, pop rocks candy and icecream cake.

Party Favors
Send guests home with mini flashlights, gliders, sidewalk chalk and fruit leathers or trail mix.