little boy playing with Legos

Lego Party

Kids love Legos! A Lego party is a fun, easy and creative celebration for your Lego fan. Dig out your child’s Legos and buy a few new Lego sets to add interest and variety. Have Lego free play, races, contests and even art projects.

Party Invitations
Make invitation in the shape of a giant lego piece or incorporate a photo photo of lego structure from the Lego or Legoland web sites.

Party Decorations
Decorate with red, yellow, green & blue balloons and streamers. Display Legos and Lego box lids.

Games & Activities
Set up a Lego free play area. Have a guess how many jar filled with legos and award the jar to the winner. Have Lego races (how fast can you build a rocket using 50 pieces?) or play Twister. Show a Lego video. Note: some party “entertainers” specialize in Lego parties and will bring a huge amount of Legos and lead children in games.

Arts & Crafts
Have guests draw a picture of a person, animal or object and then recreate it in 3-D using legos or make self portraits in Legos. Decorate book marks or make paper airplanes.

Party Refreshments
Serve pizza or submarine sandwiches, baby carrots with dip, gold fish crackers or pretzels and apple slices. Decorate a cake with a Lego structure on top or make a Lego piece cake.

Party Favors
Fill favor bags with Legos or send guests home with a comic book, paddle ball, silly putty or card game.