little girl at Labor Day picnic

Labor Day Party

A Labor Day Party is a great opportunity to bring together lots of kids and adults for a fun time. A spacious yard or local park make a great location for a Labor day Party. If you want to reserve a specific picnic area, do so ahead of time because prime areas will be in high demand. If you can’t reserve an area, send a member of your group to the park early to stakeout a good location. Have a rainy day plan just in case.

Party Invitations
Make invitation in shape of picnic basket.

Party Decorations
Decorate with red and white balloons and streamers.

Games & Activities
Have a guess how many candy jar (fill a large jar with peppermint candy) and award the jar to the winner. Parade around the block- ask guests to bring wagons, bikes, scooters, drums and tambourines. Provide balloons, construction paper, streamers and small flags for decorating the parade “floats”. Have relay races and stomp rocket or water balloon challenge (farthest, highest, etc.). Set up a free play areas with hoola hoops, jump ropes, frisbees, and yo-yos.

Arts & Crafts
Have guests make sidewalk chalk murals. Set up a table with play doh and cookie cutters.

Fun Food
Serve hot dogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, potato chips, rootbeer floats (don’t forget the straws). Have guests make their own ice cream sundaes or strawberry shortcake parfaits.

Party Favors
Fill favor bagas with small rubber balls, paddle balls, punching balloons, blowing bubbles, ball & jack sets, marbles and sidewalk chalk.