boy flying a model airplane

Jets & Planes Party

A Jets & Planes Party is great fun for an aviation buff. Have the party at home or a local park. Or visit an aerospace museum or local airport. Smaller airports may provide a tour of their facility. Take older children to an entertainment center with a flight simulator.

Party Invitations
Make invitations in the shape of a plane or a cloud. Use a photo of a favorite jet or plane.

Party Decorations
Decorate with paper or cotton clouds and light blue, white and silver balloons. Display model and toy airplanes and jets.

Games & Activities
Play stomp rockets. Have toy glider contests (farthest and closest to a target). Give an aviation trivia quiz or play a matching game with airport codes and cities. Teach kids the NATO alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) and have each child spell his name out loud. Have free play with toy airplanes and an airport set.

Arts & Crafts
Make paper airplanes. Decorate book marks with plane stickers.

Party Refreshments
Serve submarine sandwiches, baby carrots with dip, pretzels and orange floats (vanilla ice-cream in orange soda). Decorate cupcakes with toy airplanes.

Party Favors
Send guest home with toy planes, gliders or frisbees.