little girl ice skating

Ice Skating Party

Visit a local ice skating lake or indoor or outdoor ice skating rink. Or get tickets for an iceskating show or competition.

Party Invitations
Make invitation in the shape of ice skates or as a large paper snowflake. Remind guests to wear thick socks, mittens, and hats and to bring skates if they have them. If there will be young children or first time skaters, encourage parents to stay (it takes at least one adult and preferably two to hold up a non-skating child!).

Party Decorations
Decorate with paper snowflakes, snowflake confetti and white and silver balloons.

Games & Activities
Go ice skating and play in the snow, if available. Play cold snowball (like hot potato, but with large white styrofoam ball).

Arts & Crafts
Make paper snowflakes or paint a winter scene mural (ice skating lake). Decorate book marks with winter stickers. If there’s snow on the ground, build and decorate snowmen.

Party Refreshments
Serve soup, stew, chili or cheese fondue. Make gingerbread cookies or snowball cupcakes (vanilla icing covered with shredded coconut or sugar crystals). Serve hot chocolate.

Party Favors
Fill favor bags with blowing bubbles, stickers, and fruit leathers.