two little girls baking

Chef Party

Let little chefs create a celebration feast. Some restaurants accommodate parties and will let children make their own burritos, pizza, sundaes, etc.). Cooking schools may also offer kid-friendly classes for party groups.

Party Invitations
Design invitations like a restaurant menu or in the shape of kitchen gear (stove, pot, rolling pin) or chef’s hat.

Party Decorations
Display kitchen gadgets (whisks, spoons, colander). Decorate with photos of famous chefs and fancy foods from magazines.

Games & Activities
Play 20 questions to guess foods and kitchen objects or “missing object” by removing one object from a large display of kitchen gadgets. Play hot potato using a real warm potato or relay races using food items or kitchen gadgets. Read food-themed books, such as Green Eggs and Ham or In the Night Kitchen.

Arts & Crafts
Make a picture collage with favorite foods on one half and least favorite foods on the other half. Personalize plain potholders with fabric pens. Decorate cookies or cupcakes.

Party Refreshments
Have guests make pita bread or english muffin pizzas, pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna) or burritos & nachos. Make fizzy fruit punch with juice and soda. Have guests decorate their own cupcakes or cookies or make an apron cake or pizza cake.

Party Favors
Send guests home with cookie cutters in fun shapes or their initials, food-shaped kitchen magnets or a children’s recipe book.

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