young girl in a toy car

Cars & Trucks Party

If your child loves cars, trucks, or anything with wheels this party will be great fun.

Party Invitations
Make invitations in the shape of a tire, steering wheel, traffic light or traffic sign (stop, yield, oneway). Include a photo of your child behind the wheel. Decorate with the words Honk! and Beep!

Party Decorations
Decorate with posterboard stop lights and red, yellow and green balloons. Display toy cars and trucks.

Games & Activities
Have relay races in ride-on cars and trucks or make a “driving course” with chalk outlined lanes and posterboard traffic signs. Set-up a free play area with toy racetracks, cars and trucks.

Arts & Crafts
Cut cardboard boxes into the shape of cars and trucks and paint with a colorful basecoat. Then have children paint or draw tires, windows and people in the “cars”.

Party Refreshments
Serve pizza or sandwiches, corn chips and root beer floats. Decorate cake or cupcakes with toy cars and trucks and sprinkle.

Party Favors
Fill a favor bag with a small toy car or truck and some stickers.