girl wearing veil

Arabian Nights Party

Take a magic carpet ride to the land of genies. Younger children will enjoy an Aladdin and Jasmine theme party. Older children will enjoy the exotic mystery of the Arabian Nights.

Party Invitations
Deliver invitations as a message in a bottle or as an old fashioned scroll tied with gold cord. Or design and decorate the invitation to look like a magic carpet.

Party Decorations
Decorate the party area with blue, purple and gold balloons and streamers. Place a plastic snake in a basket (snake charmer). Burn incense and play Persian music for an exotic atmosphere.

Games & Activities
Set the stage by showing a short Aladdin video or read the story to younger children. Play 3 wishes with children telling what they’d wish for if a genie granted them 3 wishes. Set-up a gold coin toss, relay race, treasure hunt, or obstacle course (snakes, quick sand, evil spells). If your budget allows, hire an Aladdin or Jasmine look-alike entertainer.

Arts & Crafts
Draw pictures of a genie and give him/her a special name or decorate genie bottles – spray paint glass wine bottles (save the corks) with gold paint ahead of time and provide ribbons and beads for guests to embellish their genie’s bottle. Decorate paper or wood boxes with gold paint and jewels to look like a treasure chest. Have guests color fancy designs on a large paper or fabric magic carpet.

Party Refreshments
Serve pita bread or chips with hummus, grapes or fruit kabobs, and cookies.

Party Favors
Sends guests home with an Arabian nights book or coloring book or a favor bag of gold chocolate coins and costume jewelry. A votive candle in a pretty glass holder is a nice party favor for teenage guests.